EnviroData Solutions' Environmental Data Management Systems (EDMS) are custom-designed to increase your operating efficiency.

We utilize non-proprietary commercially available software, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Excel. By using familiar, readily available software, you can avoid the learning curve necessary in becoming proficient with a new piece of software, thereby, saving you time and improving the reliability of your resulting analyses.

We customize the software to your requirements for managing data. The database is designed to meet your needs instead of forcing your needs to fit the software.

We make the system easy to use. Personnel with little or no computer background will be able to quickly adapt to the system.

We pull your existing data into the system and install and train your personnel in its use.

We assist you in improving data reliability. Laboratories will be able to forward data to you electronically, allowing for automated data entry. Automated data entry increases efficiency and reduces the possibility of data entry errors.

We can custom design additional modules for you, again using commercially available software, as your data management needs change or as your budget allows. This means that the application can evolve in response to your changing needs.

We provide you with automated reporting formats, allowing you to respond with ease, in a timely fashion, to data reporting requirements established by various regulatory programs.

We provide you with the capability to export data to other computer programs for specialized analyses, reports, or graphs. This capability opens up a variety of options to you for evaluating your data.

We provide you with a system that enables your personnel to conduct ad hoc queries and develop ad hoc screens, reports, and graphs.